Natural Hair Products/Styles for the winter

Natural Hair/Styles for the winter
Winter is here loves and it is so important that we prep and style our hair, either in protective or natural styles, for the cold weather coming our way!  These products are ones that I approve of, especially since I use them almost everyday, and what is good about them is that they do not really require you to use water when applying these products.  I also want to include the importance of protective styling, because who really wants to be on their way to work or school with soaking wet hair?  Ummm not me.  Braids, weaves, wigs, etc. are a girls best friend in the winter, not only because your hair is protected and most importantly dry, but because of its convenience.  Lastly, the product I consider as a holy grail is the organic coconut oil.  It is the best product for not only the hair, but the skin (no crusty face this winter season!).
There are many more hair products that work for many other hair types, so do not think I am saying these are the best out of them all, however, these are just the main ones I use for myself.  Continue to moisturize and be safe out there loves!

Beauty product
$17 –

Beauty product
$17 –

Beauty product

Styling product
$13 –

Hair conditioner


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