“All I want for Christmas is you!” (Guide for long distance relationships)

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Hi my loves and Merry Christmas Eve!  Today I really want to do a little overview on long distance relationships: the challenges that you may face, how to spend your holidays together, and all that it takes to make your relationship work for both you and your partner.  I have been in a long distance relationship for about a year now, and while I am away at college, my boyfriend is in another state well into his career.  I know that I can speak for most when I say that it is a tough journey and it takes a great deal of dedication, respect, and love in order for your relationship to work.

With that being said,  I am going to jump right in and say that the bad can outweigh the good, but that is only if you allow it to happen.  If there is no communication, trust, or respect, what do you expect to get out of that relationship other than a broken heart?  Being away, we are constantly tempted by the opposite (or same) sex and even influenced by friends, which allow us to believe that our mistakes won’t affect us because “it is only one time”.  These temptations then bring about emotions such as paranoia, jealousy, dishonesty, etc., that ultimately challenge the strength of your relationship.

It is important to know that there is a fighter in all of us and all it takes is for you to remember those reasons why you fell in love in the first place, and even if you were not the one who fell off in the relationship, it is still vital that you show your devotedness because it shows that you will not given in without a fight.  In order to maintain a healthy relationship, you both must have an understanding, communicate with one another, compliment your partner, be open-minded to their feelings/thoughts, and most importantly, realize that you are partners; that anything you both set your minds to you can take over because of how much stronger you can be together.  So for this Christmas holiday, spend all the time you can with your lover.  Go on adventures, go to museums, visit family members, create memories that will last for a lifetime, and remember to love unconditionally.

Have a Happy Holiday my loves and Merry Christmas Eve!